Created and affiliated to the Lean Global Network in 2016.
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Lean Global Network certification of lean practitioners is recognized worldwide.
Lean Institute Ukraine is a part of Lean Global Network, founded by James Womack and Daniel Jones in 2007, who were the first to introduce the Lean methodology to the world. Our membership in Lean Global Network, which today includes 32 institutions, gives us the opportunity to involve the best Lean Consultants in the world with years of experience implementing Lean in such companies as Amazon, Ikea, Starbucks, Nike, New Balance and many others. The Lean Certification by Lean Global Network is recognized worldwide. Lean consultants from Lean Institute Ukraine are the most professional lean practitioners in Ukraine with experience in implementing Lean in such companies as MHP, Novaya Pochta, Biopharma, Astarta, Kernel, etc.
Lean Institute Ukraine was created to spread lean thinking in Ukraine and guide enterprises, institutions and organizations on the path of continuous improvement in accordance with Lean principles.
We strive to help everyone to receive appropriate training and learn from the best practices in improving organizational culture and processes.

We work to develop and strengthen our capacity to create value for our customers and ensure the success of our organizations.
our Cooperation with partners consists of:
- training of personnel of the partner company in Lean-approaches and methods
- launching continuous improvement projects
- joint experiments and the application of new approaches in thinking and in concrete actions
- coaching for leaders and kaizen teams
Using Lean thinking helps companies develop their own human resources, quickly transform knowledge and actions into results, gradually reduce losses at all stages of creating value, and, as a result, raise their competitiveness.
Another priority of LIU activity is to integrate Lean thinking into Ukrainian business. LIU helps Ukrainian companies, facing complex challenges in today's world, to go through a deep transformation process in order to increase their competitiveness both locally and internationally.

Our partners show great interest and responsibility in the implementation of the transformation line, as well as the desire and enthusiasm for joint learning and the exchange of results.

LIU focuses on the development of people, their understanding of the principles of thrift, thus increasing the expertise of Lean production in Ukraine.
Company Personal Training
Coaching of Executives
Lean implementation
Personal Consultations
LGN is a community of lean thought leaders and practitioners
with the goal of making things better by advancing lean thinking and practice throughout the world.
Founded by Jim Womack and Dan Jones in 2007, LGN supports the members in three fundamental ways:
1. Share knowledge on lean thinking and practice to develop skills within the community

2. Collaborate on joint company projects and events

3. Develop new educational materials such as publications and training
More information you can find here: http://leanglobal.org/lean-global-network/
LGN has working relationships and learning partnerships with individuals and organizations throughout the globe.
Partners come from all walks of life – industry, university faculty, researchers, member associations, retired lean practitioners, healthcare organizations, government agencies, and NGOs to name a few examples.
We are mission driven and therefore our goals are to help others::
- Provide more fulfilling work and continued personal development

- Enable individuals to realize and create more value

- Minimize resource use and environmental impact

- Improve organizational performance

- Raise living standards for society







President of Lean Institute Ukraine
Sergey is a Senior Consultant of international projects: Coloplast (Hungary), Autolive (Poland), Cafe 365 (Spain), Legal Sea Food (USA).
Among the results of his work, which are publicly announced by companies:

Nova Poshta: reduced order processing time by 55%, reduced shipping errors by 67%.
Biopharma: doubled the efficiency of processes for leophilic drugs, reduced defects by 45%.
MHP: increased the efficiency of equipment operation from 83% to 93%, increased production volumes by 8.6%.
Lean Consultant
For more than 8 years, he has been initiating projects with Lean methodology in such companies as: Nova Poshta, MHP, Biopharma, Tribo, This is Pivbar.

Teaches open trainings at Lean Institute Ukraine.
Trained staff to effectively use Lean tools at Swisspan Limited.

As a quality director at PrJSC Ternopil Quarry, he successfully implemented projects with Lean methodology.

He headed Lean projects to improve operational efficiency and reduce losses, conducted an ISO audit at PJSC Rovnooblenergo.

As head of the information data research department at PJSC Rovnooblenergo (AES Corporation), he worked to reduce losses, prevent financial risks caused by theft of electricity.
Lean Consultant
Develops and implements comprehensive programs to improve production systems. Experience in implementing Lean transformation projects in companies: Biopharma, MHP, Soufflet Agro, Varian Agro, Vents, Centravis, Plank.

Teaches open trainings at Lean Institute Ukraine.

Previously, he was in charge of projects to build an Innovator Continuous Improvement System at PJSC DTEK Mine Komsomolets Donbassa Business Block Coal.

As the head of the functional unit for operational improvements, he implemented a project to build a goal-setting system.

Implemented 3 projects on energy efficiency of the enterprise with a total economic effect of UAH 11.2 million.

Reduced the time of transition to a new production face with reassembly of downhole equipment from 31 to 25 working days.

Internal trainer of DTEK Academy.
Lean Consultant
Introduces continuous improvement systems in such companies as: Novaya Pochta, Alfa Bank, Vents, UFuture, Romstal.

Teaches open trainings at Lean Institute Ukraine. Develops and implements Lean strategies, trains Lean teams.

Implements methodologies for root cause analysis, mapping, cross-functional process improvement in operations, finance and manufacturing.

More than 7 years of experience in financial control and strategic budgeting.

4 years - Director of the Controlling Department of Foreign Factories at Wintech. Experience in working with factories in Ukraine, Russia, India, Azerbaijan.

During the crisis period, Wintech developed a strategy to increase economic efficiency, which had an economic effect of 42%.
Operations Manager
Valentina has a degree in economics and is responsable for operational management at Lean Institute Ukraine. The field of her activities covers communication with clients, organization of events and the establishment of internal processes of the institute. The main principle in her work: customer oriantation and flexibility.
Production rationalization consultant
Victoria is a certified specialist in the field of international transport and warehouse logistics, as well as procurement. He has many years of experience in a company that is part of one of the largest corporations in Japan. As a business analyst she was directly involved in the development of measures to automate the logistics, procurement and administrative processes of the company, received a certification in business analysis in IT. Received CIMA certification in management accounting and reporting in 2015.
Educational project manager
Daria has a master's degree in Japanese language and literature from the Kyiv National University. Taras Shevchenko. 7 years of experience in project management, more than 15 successfully implemented cultural, charitable, educational, political projects. For more than 3 years she has been developing online education, launched more than 20 online courses. In 2018 she received a certificate in Project Management.
Who we are looking for:
- A person with experience in implementing lean thinking (economical production, TPM) in Ukrainian or foreign enterprises.
- Has experience in conducting internal training in companies.
- Ready to study and work according to Lean Institute Ukraine and Lean Global Network methodology.
Lean Institute Ukraine is looking for:
What we offer:

- Ability to implement lean trasformation projects in the framework of our joint projects with the Lean Global Network

- Friendly staff

- Compatitive salary.
If you meet the above criteria and you are interested in our offer please send us your resume: info@lean.org.ua
Representatives of Lean Global Network
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