Lean IT
Training for the people who work in IT industry
Lean is a methodology developed by Toyota that aims to maximize customer value by minimizing losses and continuous improvement.
This interactive training blends theory, practical exercises and discussions is led by an Lean Digital and IT expert Coach.

The masterclass will allow you to:
  • Understand Lean Digital concepts and theory.
  • Apply it to initiate and to host an Obeya*.
  • Align on strategic vision and catch the voice of clients, product targets; better scope and stabilize the product components, react.
  • Immediately to problems, collaborate intensively with respect.Initiate visual management improvement through an owned serious game.
* In Japanese, obeya means "big room" – often translated as "war room" because of its function. This is a very powerful tool for facilitating teamwork and better managing projects (it is particularly popular in product development environment, but it can be used anywhere – often as "control center" for the deployment of your strategy). An obeya is clearly a tool of teamwork: helping managers in various functions solve problems across their borders. As part of a project or management team, what the obeya should give you is a clear idea of what your colleagues are working on and why (as well as why they think what they're doing is helping) so that you can see for yourself where your own efforts help them or cause them additional trouble. Details: https://youtu.be/UzpD2qoIKvs

Dates and Time:
2 days, Tuesday/ Wednesday
31 March 10.00 –17.00
1 April 10.00 –17.00
The training is aimed at: :
Any manager or specialist working in an IT organization can benefit from the insights provided by the qualification.

IT professionals who are participating in or involved with lean projects.

CTO, CIO, Project Managers, DEV, Business Analysts, Coach Agile / Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Architects, Tech Lead, UI/UX experts.

After this masterclass, you will be able to:
Initiate a Lean IT approach using an effective visual management to dramatically improve your product development.

Identify the obstacles to a successful delivery and improve communication and clarity among team members.

Practice data-driven decision-making to solve root cause issues and involve key stakeholders.
Lean IT Coach & Partner
Edmond Nguyen is a Lean IT Coach & Partner, a guest speaker at Agile Camp San Francisco and at Lean Digital Summits in Paris & San Paolo. As part of his role at Lean Institute France, he leads the on-the-job Institute Lean France "Lean Digital Academy" at Lean Global Network for European IT Executives who learn to apply Lean principles to the development and management of their IT products and services.

Edmond Nguen has successfully coached teams by setting up more than 16 Obeya in their workplace to help them deliver their IT & Digital product on time, and on budget with the expected level of quality by customers. Thanks to his solid Kaizen background acquired as a CIO at Toyota Financial Services, Edmond manages to combine successfully the best of Lean and DevOps in an effective IT approach.

What you will learn:
1-ий день
1-ий день
  • Collect and introduce participants goals and expectations:
  • What is continuous improvement?
  • Adopt new Kaizen for an efficient teamwork and respect of people.
  • What is Lean Digital and IT?
  • Introduction to the main problems encountered in Digital and IT?
  • How to increase the value delivered to users?
  • Stabilise RUN.
  • Improve BUILD.
2-ий день
2-ий день
  • What is visual management?
  • What is its added value for delivery? The best practices, examples.
  • Presentation: The history, function, and benefit of the Obeya for digital products.
  • Description of the 7 visual panels.
  • Serious game and practical exercise: design and build the 7 panels of the Obeya.
  • Learn: Use the Obeya practice to tackle operational problems.
  • Conclusion and Debrief: Expert tips on starting the practice of Obeya.
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Cost: 10000 UAH (without VAT)
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What you receive:
Experience of the best experts in the industry
Speakers are Lean consultants who have years of experience sharing real-world cases and tools.
Certificate of international design
Upon completion of the training, you will receive a certificate from the Lean Global Network
You will be able to establish useful connections with both speakers and participants
Cost of participation:
10000 UAH without VAT
* Coffee break lunches are included in the price
Venue: Kiev, UnitCity
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