20-21.02, 2020
A3 Problem Solving Training
A3 Problem Solving Training will help you to find the best solutions, eliminate root causes so that the problem is no longer recurring, take countermeasures, and teach you how to properly involve employees in finding solutions.
27.02 - 12.06, 2020
LPP is for you if you embarked on the path of Lean transformation, but you lack the knowledge and experience to make a decisive transformation. Do you want to become a graduate practitioner? Then we are waiting for you on a four-month training program developed by Lean Global Network experts, which is successfully conducted in many countries worldwide: USA, Holland, Turkey, Singapore, etc.
Speakers: Lean Institute Turkey Vice President Chevdet Ozdogan and Lean Institute Ukraine President Serhiy Komberyanov. You can view the program by clicking "Details".
5-6.03, 2020
Lean Practicum
We will be happz to see all mid-level managers at the Lean Global Network workshop to learn the concept of Lean transformation of production processes.
The workshop is conducted using the unique Lean factory that allows you to practice and understand the basic tools of Lean. This unique licensed training method for the actual Kale door lock manufacturing process has successfully been used in the US, Turkey, the Netherlands and Portugal and is finally available in Ukraine only at Lean Institute Ukraine.
31.03-01.04, 2020
Lean IT
This interactive training blends theory, practical exercises and discussions is led by an Lean Digital and IT expert Coach.
The masterclass will allow you to:
  • Understand Lean Digital concepts and theory.
  • Apply it to initiate and to host an Obeya.
  • Align on strategic vision and catch the voice of clients, product targets; better scope and stabilize the product components, react.
  • Immediately to problems, collaborate intensively with respect.
  • Initiate visual management improvement through an owned serious game.
23-24.04, 2020
Lean Management Training
We are happy to announce that we are opening a two-day training for those who want to get the most useful information in the shortest possible time. This two-day training is designed for business owners and directors, top managers, as well as anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge in Lean.
Content of the training:
- introduction to Lean
- Lean Management (Lean Strategy, Hoshin Kanri, Kata).
- Lean transformation of the company - the role of owner and director
- Lean leadership.